The BX Press Inc.

Okanagan Valley - Vernon

The BX Press is a third generation family farm located on the same land that was once home to Barnard's Express Stagecoach Company's famous horse ranch. Our family has been proudly growing apples here since 1946. Today, we grow more than two dozen varieties including modern dessert apples, nearly forgotten heritage cultivars and vintage cider fruit. Truly a branch-to-bottle operation, we grow the apples, press, ferment, mature and bottle the cider right on our own orchard. Taking a full year to craft, we choose specific apple varieties for their crisp flavours, rich aromatics and the amazing complexity they contribute to our finished ciders. Authentic and natural, our ciders are never diluted and don't contain artificial ingredients. With a rotating program of seasonals featuring BC-grown fruit and unique botanicals, we seek to express and complement the potential of the apple. Visit our tasting room to sample our current selection of ciders and hear stories about the rich heritage of the Barnard's Express. Learn about our small-batch cidermaking process and celebrate real cider's revival.

The Planet Bee Meadery

Okanagan Valley - Vernon

During your visit to Planet Bee you can watch live honeybees busily working behind glass in a live bee display performing their amazing Bee Dance and producing their numerous nutritional products which can enhance our well being. Discover the "Treasures of the Hive" that have been renowned since ancient times as some of the most beneficial natural health products on the planet.