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Artisan Sakemaker @ Granville Island

Fraser Valley - Vancouver

First sake made from 100% BC Grown Rice. Established in 2007 on Granville Island, Artisan SakeMaker has made itself to be known as a unique commercial winery that produces award winning, hand-made, small batch and fresh sake year around. Our brand name "OSAKE" has been well established as "Canada's first locally produced fresh premium sake" and its popularity has reached across the country and beyond. The philosophy of our production centers upon sustainability, all natural and local. Artisan SakeKasu, fermented rice mash and nutritious bi-product, has quickly become a popular culinary ingredient among chefs and home cooking gurus. In 2009 Artisan SakeMaker has embarked upon a project to grow rice in BC making it the first sake rice production in Canadian history. The 2013 harvest yielded 5,000 bottles of BC/Canadian Sake made from organically grown sake rice in Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley.