Garry Oaks Winery

Gulf Islands - Salt Spring Island

At Garry Oaks we grow our grapes naturally respecting the native conditions -- sun, wind, soil – of our vineyard. We have been called meticulous and we freely confess to being so, from planning, planting and tending our vineyard, to coaxing out the unique and distinct qualities of each of our wines. Garry Oaks wines truly express their site. Our whites carry a fine backbone of minerality from the stony fields in which they grow. Our reds are heightened by a touch of spice we occasionally taste in the air. All our wines have a trademark freshness that echoes the ocean breezes drifting over our island home. Come visit our terraced vineyard overlooking the beautiful Burgogne Valley on Salt Spring Island, walk our labyrinth, and taste our award-winning wines.

Salt Spring Vineyards Winery and B&B

Gulf Islands - Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Vineyards offers a fun tasting experience, matching award-winning, hand-crafted wines with local foods in a beautiful setting.