Eau Vivre Winery & Vineyards

Similkameen Valley - Cawston

We invite you to savour the wines from our family-run boutique winery located in Cawston, in the Heart of the Similkameen Valley. Our French style, small batch wines are lovingly handcrafted to help you savour every sip and celebrate every moment.

Seven Stones Winery

Similkameen Valley - Cawston

Seven Stones Winery is an estate boutique winery located in the pristine Similkameen Valley. The owner /winemaker George Hanson makes wines in a French style that are very elegant and show the best of grape variety. The winery produces about 4200 cases from grapes that are grown on site. The wines are barrel aged in underground caves to ensure that they receive consistent atmospheric conditions. The caves also are available to rent for special events like weddings, retreats or winemakers dinners. There are two tour packages available to the public. One is a basic cave tour that takes 15 minutes and the other is the Seven Stones Experience that takes about 40 minutes. Come to enjoy great wines and a world class cellar!