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Dragonfly Hill Vineyard

Vancouver Island - Saanich Peninsula / Victoria

Dragonfly Hill is beautifully situated on the historic wagon trail on Southern Vancouver Island and is named for the myriad species of dragonflies that thrive in the area. True to the “Garagiste Movement”, Dragonfly Hill passionately creates fine limited production wines with an intimate, local mindset. Over a hundred years ago, this exceptionally fertile land was home to flourishing apple orchards and gently rolling strawberry fields. Today, Dragonfly Hill taps into regional wine making expertise and employs sustainable farming methods. Our vineyard was planted in 1993 and has become a prime grower of exciting new varietals to the island including Labelle, a hybrid Blattner Cross. Also grown are Ortega, Pinot Auxerrois and Schoenburger, a wonderfully tasty grape that is winding its way into local gardens. Herbicide and pecticide free, we believe that cultivating exceptional wine is much more than an exacting science; it is a time honored and evolving art. Local dragonfly lore depicts the circling dragonflies as messengers from our ancestors. Inside the dragonfly’s circle is the past, outside the circle is the future and the edge of the circle represents the present moment. This 13 acre vineyard estate currently specializes in unique farm weddings and a private forest cabin rental for those who are seeking the quiet solitude of nature in their getaways. Please visit our website to find out more about these unique experiences and to find the many fine locations where our wine can be found.