Board of Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors comprised of nine elected voting winery members and three non-voting ex officio members governs the BCWI. For information about the Board structure, click here.

Latest Updates:

OCTOBER 23 & 24, 2017:
Board undertook a new director orientation / continuing director governance refresher; received presentations (Warner, Washington State Wine Commission & Comfort, Wine Business Institute, Sonoma State University); and participated in facilitated sessions in preparation for its work over the upcoming year (Fiscal 2019 strategic planning) and with preliminary input to its long-term strategic planning for the BC wine industry. In addition to holding its quarterly meeting, Board also received update on recent and ongoing government relations issues, including NAFTA, CETA, WTO, Comeau case, etc.

DECEMBER 05, 2017:
At its quarterly meeting, the Directors welcomed Erik Fisher of Monte Creek Ranch Winery back to the Board. Agenda topics included: Fiscal 2019 strategic planning; long-term BC wine industry strategic planning; direct-to-consumer shipping (including to Alberta and re Comeau case); BC cannabis sales regulations; quarterly financial statements; scheduled review of BCWI policies; Director representation on BCWI committees; etc.

FEBRUARY 20, 2018:
Regular quarterly meeting to review: quarterly financial statements; fiscal 2019 budget; fiscal 2019 business objectives and strategies; etc.; as well as planning for long-term BC wine industry strategic planning; considerations related to BCWI’s response to the Alberta boycott of BC wine; other government relations issues; etc.

JUNE 13, 2018:
Regular quarterly meeting to review: annual financial statements; annual report; Board succession planning; next steps for long-term wine industry strategic planning; and government relations topics, including Business Technical Advisory Panel (Liquor Policy) Report & Recommendations; BC LCLB Trade Practices (Inducement) Policy; World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Policy.

JULY 10, 2018
Following the BCWI AGM, when Christa-Lee McWatters Bond, Josie Tyabji and Erik Fisher were each re-elected and Charlie Baessler of Corcelettes Estate Winery was newly elected, the Board of Directors held a brief meeting. Ms. McWatters Bond was again elected as BC Wine Institute Chair, and Ezra Cipes again elected as Vice Chair.

September 14, 2018
As part of its annual strategic planning for organizational direction, Board of Directors received presentations from two shortlisted consultants regarding proposals to take over from the Scoping Task Group and begin work on the Long-Term Strategic Planning project for the BC Wine Industry. The Board subsequently selected its preferred candidate: The Artemis Group and O’Donnell Lane LLP.

In addition to the selection of the contractor for the Long-Term Strategy Plan, the Q1 Board meeting also included: Business Technical Advisory Panel (Liquor Policy) Recommendations; support for Okanagan College application to Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) for a Technical Access Centre; inclusion of the BC Wine Centre of Excellence Feasibility Study in the strategic planning process and an update on recent provincial and federal discussions regarding NAFTA and WTO challenges.

Next Scheduled: December 2018


Active committees comprised of expert volunteer members assist the organization. For information on the structure of the Committees, click here.

Finance & Risk Management Committee

Latest Updates:

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017:
First quarter meeting to review and make recommendations to Board of Directors: financial statements; etc.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017:
Second quarter meeting to review and make recommendations to Board of Directors: financial statements; finance & risk management policies; etc.

February 14, 2018:
Third quarter meeting to review and make recommendations to Board of Directors: quarterly financial statements; fiscal 2019 budget; etc.

June 2018:
Annual meeting deferred to June Board of Directors meeting.

September 10, 2018
First quarter meeting to review and make recommendations to Board of Directors regarding quarterly financial statements and BCWI finance & risk management policies, etc.

Next Scheduled: Late Fall 2018
Regularly scheduled second quarter meeting to review and make recommendations to Board of Directors: financial statements; BCWI finance & risk management policies; etc.

Board Governance Committee

Latest Updates

APRIL 21, 2017:
Preparation for 2017 election of Directors, including Board effectiveness self-evaluation, Director skills /knowledge questionnaire, Board composition; President evaluation.

FALL 2017:
Agenda deferred to December Board meeting.

MAY 23, 2018:
Preparation for 2018 election of Directors, including Board effectiveness self-evaluation, Director skills /knowledge questionnaire, Board composition and succession planning; preparation for annual President evaluation, with Committee recommendations to be presented for approval by Board of Directors at its June 2018 meeting.

Next Scheduled: October 16, 2018
Annual review of the BC Wine Institute Board Governance Manual, including Board Role & Responsibilities, etc.

Government Relations Committee

Latest Updates:

JULY 25, 2017:
Committee reviewed current issues, particularly in relation to working with the new Government, and laid plans for BCWI’s upcoming meetings with key officials.

DECEMBER 13, 2017:
Committee reviewed current issues in preparation for upcoming meetings with Government officials.

AUGUST 15, 2018:
Provided input to BCWI’s submission in response to the Business Technical Advisory Panel Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Liquor Policy (Hicken Report).

Next Scheduled: TBC

Marketing Committee

Latest Updates:

JANUARY 23, 2017:
The Committee reviewed a late draft of the Fiscal 2018 Strategic Plan, in advance of review by the Board of Directors.

DECEMBER 12, 2017:
Preliminary fiscal 2019 planning.

JANUARY 25, 2018:
Final input to Fiscal 2019 planning.

Next Scheduled: TBD

Task Groups

Ad hoc task groups are created from time to time to augment work done by staff, and include invited member wineries to assist and provide input. For information on task group structures, click here.

BC VQA Wine-in-Grocery Annual Marketing & Merchandizing Task Group

As required by the BCWI BC VQA Wine store-in-grocery operating agreement, the mandate is to develop an annual plan specific to the BC VQA Wine-in-grocery channel.

OCTOBER 27, 2016:
Fiscal 2017 SWOT; Fiscal 2018 Annual Marketing & Merchandizing Plan; issues, concerns & opportunities.

JANUARY 25, 2017:
Current issues, including implementation of purchase model (wholesale pricing and retail price points) and in-store tastings.

NOVEMBER 23, 2017:
Current issues, including reporting, fiscal planning, etc.