Chef Garett Blundell
The Victor

Chef Garett’s early career was spent in Victoria cooking at the boutique Brentwood bay lodges restaurant,
Arbutus, where he specialised in west coast dining fare. This was followed by a move to Vancouver
where he became junior sous chef at Bistro Pastis, later moving on to become an opening team member
at Voya restaurant in the Loden Hotel. Chef Garett then travelled to London England for a year to earn his
stripes in the demanding kitchens of michelin starred restaurants such as Maze by Gordon Ramsay and
restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Chef Garett’s next career move took him to the Caribbean where he cooked
in the fine dining restaurant Remy on board the Cruise ship the Disney dream. Returning to Vancouver he
was hired as the senior sous chef to to open Homer street Cafe and Bar. From there he moved on to
Tableau restaurant assuming the head chef position for the next two years. The victor restaurant is now
proud to call him Executive Chef.