Chef Patrick Khatri
Black Sage Bistro

Patrick Khatri is the Executive Chef at Desert Hills Estate Winery at Black Sage Bistro. Chef Patrick was trained at Liaison College and has 15 years of experience working within the culinary industry. He loves to incorporate culinary elements from his adventures and travels into his food to create excitement for curious palettes. He has worked with 3 time award winning chefs; Chef Domenic Chiarmonte (Best Plating in the World, x3 – Food Network Star) Chef Giuseppe Ferraro (Mentor & Owner of Pulcinella Ristorante) and Chef Devan Rajkumar (Celebrity Chef, TV Host of Cityline, and partner at Food Dudes) Aside from his culinary adventures, Chef Patrick is also an avid Music Producer, Professional DJ and Designer (Fashion & Design). He enjoys hands on creativity and acknowledges simplicity with a unique eye for whimsical elements; this applies to his food, music and artistry.