Cordo is derived from the geographical word Cordillera; the parallel mountain ranges together with intervening plateaus, alpine tundra, dry sagebrush, dense conifer forests and interior plains. Cordo looks to celebrate our unique and beautiful region and the bounty it offers.

At Cordo we prepare food in an innovative and nutritious manner inspired by our region and the season. We combine classic cooking techniques with a modern approach incorporating fresh herbs, local produce and regional wines whenever possible. Cordo’s cuisine is not traditional; but does feature the best flavours and products from the Thompson Okanagan Region; paying homage to the rich diversity that comes from the land, water and people.

Our Service team is knowledgeable, genuine and proud of the community they live in. We are focused on supporting an exceptional menu with quality, prompt and accommodating service, enhancing the overall experience. Always on point but never overbearing.