Adriano Cartuliares 

Sommelier, Wine Director, 10 Acres

I started in the hospitality industry with the dream of becoming a chef and owner of my own restaurant. I had the opportunity to travel around Asia and Europe to improve my experience and knowledge of food. I returned to Brazil after four years, where I completed my Bachelor of Culinary Arts.

While studying, I became a wine representative for one of the largest wine agencies in South America, Expand Wine Group where I worked for almost five years before coming to Canada.

When I arrived in Canada, it didn’t take me long to become a BC wine enthusiast. I originally applied to 10 Acres Restaurant Group for a position in the kitchen, but after seeing the extensive wine accomplishments on my resume, I was offered the position of Sommelier. I learned a lot working at 10 Acres before moving into my current position of Wine Director for a growing company with three restaurants and one coffee shop all following the farm to table concept.

The company and I fully support the BC wine industry, and my goal is to bring to our restaurant many different styles from BC that will not only elevate our food but also bring something new and exclusive from BC to our patrons.

I’m currently working towards my goal of becoming a Master of Wine while balancing my responsibilities at work and as a single father.