Ashli Komaryk

CEO, Trainer, Facilitator, Komaryk Communications

Ashli Komaryk earned her Level II sommelier certification, both in Vancouver, (ISG) and in Parma, Italy (AIS), where she lived for 14 years. Ashli is definitely passionate about wine but she may be even more passionate about the human connections that can be forged through breaking bread or raising a glass together.

She believes it’s that human connection that creates meaningful interactions and memorable experiences for clients and among teammates too. This is the foundation of Ashli’s work as a trainer, facilitator and keynote speaker. Ashli uses her business and leadership background to help teams communicate more effectively, so they feel more engaged and become more productive and successful.

She has helped teams in Canada, the United States, Barbados and Italy.

Ashli earned her Bachelor’s degree in art history from the University of Parma (taken entirely in Italian) and she also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with specialization in Communications and Public Relations Management.