Joey Sprout

Sommelier Swans Boutique Hotel, Bistro and Wine Shop

The Kootenays smiled and let out a joyous giggle on the day that Joey was born in Nelson, BC. It’s almost as if they knew that their collective glass was destined for deliciousness. Growing up with Italian heritage, it’s quite possible that some of the homemade vino da tavola served at family meals inspired Joey and provided that little voice inside of her that said, “there’s much better wine out there, you just have to look for it.” Look, she did. And finding it has since been her specialty. After migrating to Vancouver Island, Joey toiled at her craft, amassing 10 years of restaurant & hotel management experience and receiving her ISG Sommelier diploma. Destiny, and possibly Mercury retrograde, then brought Joey to the bright lights of Vancouver, where she represented classic wine producers from all over the world as a fine wine specialist for Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits. She smiled often, ate Neapolitan-style pizza with colleagues, and loved every day. Joey retreated to her previous roots in Victoria, the hippest spot west of Nelson, to build a nest within which she would raise a family. When she isn’t actively engaged in Lego™ parties or correcting the foul language of her eldest, she can be found running her own family consulting business, assisting restaurants and retailers with their wine programs and delivering on the prophecy of the mountains from whence she came: to bring deliciousness to as many glasses as possible.