John Bremmer

Dry Creek Vineyard

John has been associated with the wine industry in BC for over 50 years, as winemaker, production manager and general manager of major wineries. In the late 70’s he moved to the Similkameen Valley to operate Similkameen Vineyards and began converting the vineyard from hybrid to vinifera grapes. He presently owns and operates a 5-acre vineyard in Oliver and continues to act as a consultant to grape growers. During harvest he samples vineyards for diseases and analysis. He has sat on numerous industry boards and presently sits on the Wine/Grape Industry’s Health & Safety committee. Always willing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in the wine industry he has participated in many overseas projects for CESO, a Canadian government foreign aid program and has advised many growers in the Okanagan Valley.

As a panelist, John will speak to: Site Preparation  ̶  vine selection and planting .