Kurtis Kolt

Kurtis Kolt is a Vancouver-based wine consultant who writes about wine, presents seminars, hosts events, judges wine competitions, works with restaurants on their wine programs, and so on.

Managing restaurants and winning multiple awards for his wine lists until 2010 when he received the ‘Sommelier of the Year’ award from both the 2010 Vancouver International Wine Festival and Vancouver magazine, Kolt opted to diversify his focus on wine through different arenas.

Vancouver magazine became one of his many writing outlets, which have come to include Decanter and Maclean’s magazines, AskMen.com, and SIP Northwest.

Appearances have included running wine service at James Beard House in New York, a city where he occasionally participates in tasting panels at Wine & Spirits magazine, and a profile in Wine Enthusiast magazine. His various certifications and credits include London’s Wine & Spirit Education Trust, the Court of Master Sommeliers & the Winemaking Program at UC Davis. In recent years, Kolt also co-founded and runs ‘Top Drop’ in both Vancouver and Calgary, a terroir-focused trade and consumer wine festival Western Living magazine has dubbed, “The one wine tasting of the year you shouldn’t miss.”

Twitter: @KurtisKolt
Instagram: @KurtisKolt