Honourable Lana Popham

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

Lana was raised on Quadra Island in a do-it-yourself community, where growing food, raising animals and harvesting from the sea was a way of life.

Her interest in urban planning led her to UBC, where she graduated with a degree in geography.

In 1996, Lana made her home in Saanich South. She co-founded and operated Barking Dog Vineyard, the first certified organic vineyard on Vancouver Island. She also managed a crew of vineyard workers who took care of many vineyards on the Saanich Peninsula.

Lana became politically active in 2007 when the economic viability of over 90 food producers in Saanich was threatened by increased property taxes. Lana gave voice to the wave of public reaction that forced the Campbell Liberals to back away from their misguided farm tax policies.

Lana served on Saanich’s Planning, Transportation and Economic Development Committee and the Peninsula Agricultural Commission. She was also president of the Vancouver Island Grape Growers Association, chair of the Certification Committee for the Islands Organic Producers Association, and a member of the Investment Agriculture Board.

After being elected in 2009, Lana served as Opposition Spokesperson for agriculture for eight years.