Larry Bettiga

Viticulture Farm Advisor, University of California 

Larry Bettiga is a Viticulture Farm Advisor with University of California Cooperative Extension. He has 41 years of service to UC.  Based in Monterey County for the past 35 years, he conducts applied research and education programs for the wine grape industries of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties. His research has focused on the influences of cultural practices, rootstocks, clonal selection, and canopy management on grapevine growth and productivity; and the use of integrated approaches to solve pest management problems in coastal wine grape production systems. He was a technical advisor to the board of directors of the Central Coast Vineyard Team during the formation of the organization and the development of the Positive Point System which has now evolved into the Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certification program for the Vineyard Team.