Lulie Halstead

CEO, Wine Intelligence
Lulie is co-founder and CEO of Wine Intelligence and regarded as a leading thinker in the world of wine business strategy. Prior to co-founding Wine Intelligence, she developed expertise in the wine industry, with hands-on roles in importing, marketing and retailing. She is an established marketing academic, focusing on wine consumer behaviour and continues to teach and supervise on master’s programs around the world. Alongside her passions for food and wine, she focuses on exploring what makes consumers behave the way they do. She specializes in qualitative research practices and trend research, constantly developing new ways to uncover the processes of the subconscious mind. Lulie is a frequent and valued speaker at many international wine industry and academic conferences around the world.

Wine origin and British Columbia’s position in the Canadian market

How has the accelerated move towards localism impacted consumers’ wine choice and behaviours? This presentation will focus on Canadian consumers’ relationship with wine origins and examine how this relationship has changed in recent years. Lulie will present findings from the first wave of region tracking looking at how wines from British Columbia are perceived in the Canadian market.