Chef Matt Allen

As a young boy, growing up in downtown Toronto, Matt Allen grew had an early education in food. Born in Greektown but living directly behind a Punjabi restaurant; a life in Toronto meant that he grew up in dim sum dives, churrascarias, and noodle joints. From tandoori oven to pizza oven he grew up with a distinct love of bold flavours and cuisines that came from all corners of the world. At fifteen, when started his first job in restaurant, he was hooked. Almost two decades later the hospitality industry has taken him back and forth across the continent, east to west and north to south. The life on the road, from the urban jungle of Southern California to the actual jungle of the Yucatan, the Rockies mountains of Banff and now to the desert of the Okanagan, Matt is a student of food, culture and terroir. Joining Great Estates Okanagan in 2019, he’s thrilled to be a part of an incredible collection of properties, an amazing team and an incredible community of Chefs that make the Okanagan such a special place.