Chef Ricardo Valverde

Ricardo Valverde’s fascination with the culinary world started at the young age of seven, in his hometown
of Lima, Peru. With a curious palette and the hunger to learn about west coast flavours, Ricardo moved to
Vancouver in 1998 to pursue his passion against his parent’s wishes for him to become an Engineer.
Instead, he dedicated his time to refine his culinary skills by learning the intricacies of French cooking and
received a Culinary, Pastry/Baking and Hospitality Management Diplomas at the prestigious Dubrulle
French Culinary Institute of Canada. Captivated by the ambiance of a restaurant and the bustling sounds
of a kitchen, Ricardo went on to enrich his culinary palette by working for some of Vancouver’s most
respected restaurants – earning Ricardo numerous accolades for his culinary flare and sophisticated
taste. He is determined to break culinary barriers by introducing Nikkei cuisine to the innovative food
culture that resides in Vancouver, BC. By combining his Peruvian roots with west coast techniques and
Japanese flavours, Ricardo has formed his very own culinary trademark: West Coast Nikkei.