La Frenz Sauvignon Blanc Naramata Bench, B.C.
crisp, refreshing, with meyer lemons, tropical fruits and a dry finish
Light body, white wine
Crisp, juicy style that has notes of passion fruit, gooseberry, Meyer lemon with subtle outline of fresh cut grass and green bean. It is a light, refreshing, dry wine which pairs well with our salads and salmon dishes as well as perfect on its own on a hot day.


   Dirty Laundry- Pinot Gris Summerland, B.C.
       light, crisp with full fruit character
Medium body, white wine
Excellent fruit character, the Pinot Gris wines offer great food matching ability as it has more
body then a typical Pinot Gris. Will pair well with our butter chicken or salmon dishes.


 Blasted Church – Hatfield’s Fuse Okanagan Falls, B.C.
     balanced blend with notes of mango, pinapple, pear and a hint of citrus
Medium body, blended white wine
This vintage is a blend of 11 different grape varietals, with mouth filling peach flavours and rose petal and pineapple undertones. This wine is medium to full body with great weight and a crisp, pink grapefruit, long, lingering finish. Pairs well with our salads and salmon dishes as well as perfect on its own on a hot day


Cedarcreek Chardonnay Okanagan, B.C.
ripe stone fruit, tropical fruit with buttery notes
Medium body, lightly oaked white wine
Hints of citrus, nuts, honey and fresh mineral length make this a flavourful mouthful of fruit. This is not an overly oaky chardonnay. Will pair very well with cream dishes.


Diabolica Rosé Okanagan Valley, B.C.
dry, refreshing, fruity, rose wine
An off-dry rosé with big luscious fruit flavours of wild strawberry & watermelon to start, then pomegranate, jasmine and a hint of deep dark cherry.  Try with salad dishes, pork chops or shellfish courses.

 La Frenz Pinot Noir Naramata Bench, B.C
     earthy with ripe berries and notes of cedar
Light body, red wine
This is an earthy Pinot Noir with a dry finish. Notes of wild dark berries, ripe strawberries, Saskatoon berries, licorice, cedar and vanilla bean. A lighter red wine which pairs well with salmon and salads as well as great to drink without food. One of the best Pinot Noirs produced in B.C.

Church & State – Lost Inhibitions Oliver, B.C.
    Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot
Medium body, easy to drink, red wine
A Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot in a meaty juicy style of red wine. Fruit forward, easy to drink and fun labels change all the time. Perfect to drink on its own and pairs easily with most foods.

Cedarcreek – Merlot Okanagan, B.C.
      fruitcake spices, cloves and nutmeg, smooth finish
Medium body, red wine
 Offering hints of vanilla, fruit cake and berry flavours. A medium body wine that pairs well with beef or heaver dishes but still drinks well on its own. 


Sandhill – Syrah Okanagan, B.C.
baked plum, baking spice, chocolate, violet and vanilla bean
Medium to full body, red wine
Deep purple black colour with a lovely bouquet of black cherry, blue plum, blueberry jam, sweet spice, vanilla, chocolate and sweet oak. This is a dry, full-bodied wine with velvety tannins and a rich mouth feel. Ripe, juicy black fruits fill the mouth.


 Red Rooster Cabernet Merlot Naramata, B.C.
     cherry, blueberry and plum and background oak notes –
Medium to full body, red wine
Primarily made with Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine is very flavourful with cherry, blueberry and plum flavours and background oak notes. This is our “biggest” red wine. Pairs well with beef or heavier dishes.