Chef Matthias Fong

A born and raised Calgarian, Matthias’ early intrigue with the kitchen was sparked watching the steam billow out from pots on the stove while his mother and grandmother spent hours wrapping hand-made dumplings, rolling fresh steam buns and braising chicken feet. Working closely with mentors such as River Café alumni Chef Scott Pohorelic and Chef Andrew Winfield,as well as British Michelin-starred Chef Marcus Wareing, Matthias has developed his own style of Canadian Cuisine. Matthias has a profound appreciation for the study of food that is both academic and pragmatic. He draws creative inspiration from an inquisitive passion for why taste of place matters in Canadian food culture, and his palate is impeccable. He carries on the River Café traditions of mentorship, commitment to a culture of learning, passion for ingredients and devotion to our local sustainable food community.