Chef Roy Oh

Award-winning chef and owner Roy Oh puts a modern twist on Korean cuisine. Anju, which translates to “food you eat with alcohol” is casual food, meant to be shared with friends and eaten with alcohol.Roy Oh is the self-taught chef/owner of Anju Restaurant. Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta,Roy moved to Calgary in 2003 where he found his passion for food cooking for his church’s Christmas parties. Not having any formal training Roy took a job at Joey Tomatoes and started learning the basics. After 2 and a half years at Joeys, a short stint at the Glenco Golf & Country Club and a stage at Monsoon he was ready to bring his unique brand of Korean food to the public. Anju opened its doors on NYE 2008 in an obscure location on the west side of Downtown Calgary. Not discouraged by this challenging location, Roy stayed true to his vision of opening an upscale Korean restaurant. Slowly people started hearing about this little restaurant doing Korean food with a modern twist and Anju was put on the culinary map. In 2013, when Anju was receiving a significant amount of press and recognition, Roy felt that Anju couldn’t reach its full potential where it was so he decided to close the doors and search out a bigger and better location. A partnership was formed with Concorde Group and together they have reopened Anju at 344 17 Ave SW.