Summerland Bench Wine region

East of the southern portion of Summerland Valleys sub-GI is the Summerland Bench sub-GI. Most of the vineyards are in the area east and south of Giant’s Head Mountain. Total acreage of the Summerland Bench sub-GI is 4448 acres although much is bedrock or urbanized land.

Of the approximately 1977 acres of plantable land, tree fruits still dominate. The eastern boundary joins with the lower elevation Summerland Lakefront sub-GI. The southern edge is the escarpment overlooking Trout Creek canyon.

FACT: 1216 – 1382 growing degree days (depending on elevation of vineyard site).

FACT: At mid-levels (420-600 metres) of elevation, this sub-GI covers the mostly glaciofluvial (glacial meltwater) terraces around Giant’s Head Mountain. The soils are generally coarse textured, sandy, silty or gravelly and with good drainage to help control vigour and yields.


Home to Extinct Volcano called Giants Head Mountain.

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Exploring British Columbia’s vineyards reveals the unique terroir & diverse varietals flourishing in this picturesque Canadian province.



A group of wine lovers sample fruit forward wines while enjoying a catered lunch next to gently sloping vineyards at an airy tasting room in an Okanagan Valley, British Columbia vineyard restaurant.

The Okanagan Valley


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With an ever-changing panorama, the valley stretches over 250 kilometres, across sub-regions, each with distinct soil and climate conditions suited to growing a range of varietals from sun-ripened reds to lively fresh and often crisp whites.

A vineyard with flat rows of grapes during growing season in the Kootenay region, home to backyard vineyards, family owned estate vineyards, and some award winning bc wineries.



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Located in the southeastern corner of British Columbia, the Kootenay region is home to pristine rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, mineral hot springs, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains.

Shuswap vineyard in Recline Ridge with pinot noir in BC’s wine country



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Wines have been produced here since 1997, predominately of cool climate varieties, which is understandable as it is one of the most northerly grapegrowing regions in North America.

The sun setting over a Thompson Valley vineyard with rugged mountains extending into the horizon.

Thompson Valley


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Nestled amongst the natural beauty of the North and South Thompson Rivers in and around Kamloops, the rain shadow of the high coastal mountains, the semi-arid conditions and diverse microclimates provide many creative options for our winemakers to shine.

A couple riding bicycles under an aqueduct through a vineyard in the Southern Okanagan, BC, Canada.

The Similkameen Valley


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The Similkameen Valley is a pristine stretch of vineyards, set amongst the dramatic backdrop of rugged and awe-inspiring mountains. Considered the “organic capital of Canada”, the area is known for small farms and producers dedicated to creating quality produce, delectable foods, and award-winning wines.

A photo of grapes growing at Banner Fraser Valley winery with an estate home in the midground.

Fraser Valley


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Encompassing Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, New Westminster to Delta, Langley, Aldergrove and Abbotsford in the east, the Fraser Valley wine region is dedicated to producing high quality, handcrafted wines with diverse varieties and styles: from unique fruit wines to delicious sparkling wines to fresh, fruit-forward table wines to fortified.



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One of the oldest towns in the province, Lillooet is located at the southern tip of the Cariboo Chilcotin region of British Columbia. The climate is very similar to the traditional grapegrowing regions in the Okanagan Valley with long, hot, dry summers. However, nights are cooler, making average summer temperatures slightly lower than the Okanagan, but at the same time preserving the fresh crisp acidity in the wines.

View of vines, ocean, and mountains at Saturna Island Vineyard, Gulf Islands, BC

Gulf Islands


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A vibrant community of wine producing islands – Salt Spring, Pender, Saturna, Quadra, Gabriola, Hornby, Denman – offer a glimpse into an easygoing lifestyle that allows time to savour the quiet moments with a fitting variety of unpretentious wines.

A home with sloping mountains in the background on a Cowichan Valley winery on Vancouver Island, BC.

Vancouver Island


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On Vancouver Island, grape winemaking really began after a provincial government-funded trial – the Duncan Project – identified Pinot Gris, Auxerrois and Ortega as promising varieties for this unique seaside environment.

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