Glitter of Skuna Bay

By Chef Shane Chartrand

BC Wine Pairing; BC Chardonnay, Rosé or Gamay Noir

Serves 4


1 filet of Skuna Bay Salmon
8 oz grapeseed oil
1.5 oz kosher salt (or any course salt you like, even if its flavoured)
8 oz Raspberry vinegar (save an Oz. for plating)
4- 6 ea baby porcini mushrooms
½ ea cucumber
4 oz Black Currants
Noble 01 maple syrup (Mikuni Wild Harvest, BC)
1 oz scallions
4 oz salmon Roe
2 oz
6 ea Baby white turnips
Olive oil 6 oz
Thyme I small bunch
Unsalted butter, 2 oz


The salmon side will come boneless but just do a double check by running your hand gently against the grain of the salmon
Add grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, Notable 01 maple syrup and raspberry vinegar on top of the salmon in a long flat container
Leave for about 6 hours (I like to leave it that long to ensure the flavour is there)
Take out and towel dry
Slice very carefully AGAINST the grain of the fish very thin, take your time
Set aside
Use a Dry towel wipe your mushrooms clean (mostly because they are expensive and can fall apart easy, plus water dilutes their flavour and changes colour)
Grill the mushrooms gently with a little butter rubbed on all sides, set aside
Peel and leave the cucumber in some sugar a cinnamon stick and enough fresh cold water for 20 minutes
Peel and cook the baby turnips in the olive oil at a very low temperature until fork tender and cut on half, leaving the greens of the top on
Cut the cucumber into thick slices ¼ inch. Then cut through the slices with a round cutter that’s enough to cut from the sides
Then cut again with a smaller cutter to create a thin round tube. Set aside
Slice the scallions very thin and set aside


Now for plating, its easy because this is a gentle appetizer with some artistry
Lay the salmon gently down on the plate in the center. Spoon gently a tiny bit of the extra raspberry vinaigrette around the fish
Place a whole grilled porcini mushroom down beside the fish
Also the cucumber as well standing up for height, as well as the roe, scallions, natural currants and lay the turnips as well very close with cut side down (keep in mind it is up to you on keeping all the ingredients nice and tight and clean on the plate to ensure the beauty of the plate)
Wipe clean and serve

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