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Golden Mile Slopes

Situated just below and then continuing south of the Golden Mile Bench Sub-GI, the Golden Mile Slopes GI is an area of around 600 hectares on the footslopes of the alluvial fans and above the Okanagan River flood plain to the east. The area includes the vineyards around Deadman Lake, a kettle lake formed from a large block of ice falling off a retreating glacier. Approximately 165 hectares (408 acres) of vineyards are planted with around 60% red varieties.

Located on the west side of the valley the area receives plentiful morning sun with shading from Mount Kobau in the late afternoon. The GI shares the typically warm climate of the South Okanagan with cooling night-time breezes descending from Mount Kobau helping to retain fresh acidity. Away from any moderating effects of the valley lakes, the area of the Golden Mile can be prone to extremes of both heat in summer and potentially cold in the winter months.

The landscape was formed from deposits of glacial meltwater and is predominantly made up of glaciofluvial sands and gravels along with alluvial fan deposits. The Golden Mile Slopes Sub-GI excludes the floodplain of the Okanagan River which is poorly suited to viticultural production due to high water table and shoulder season frosts. The vineyards are situated on coarse-textured, stony soils.

The range of grape varieties includes Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah for reds with Pinot Gris and smaller plantings of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer. Merlot and Cabernet Franc make up 45% of the acreage with Pinot Gris 13% being the other main variety.


Average 1,385 growing degree days
Coarse textured, stony soils. Plentiful morning sun with breezes from Mount Kobau helping wines to retain fresh acidity.

Common Varietals