Chef Scott Redekopp

Chef Redekopp was raised in Saskatoon and developed his love for cooking when he traveled to Italy when he was sixteen. A simple 3-ingredient pizza in Capri with fresh burrato instilled an abundant respect for ingredients and peak seasonality of produce. A few years later while backpacking in Australia, Scott starting working at an Italian restaurant and learned how to prepare sauces, stocks, risotto and other staple of Italian cuisine. Scott moved out to the West Coast to train at the Arts Institute of Vancouver’s Dubrulle Culinary Arts. He later apprenticed under Chef Lee Parsons at Bacchus Restaurant at Vancouver’s Wedge wood Hotel and Spa. Scott claims that “those were my formative years of developing the foundations of my cooking”sparking a thirst to be a life-long student in expanding his culinary horizons. After working for Chef Parsons for several years Scott and his family made the move to Calgary and worked at several downtown restaurants. Scott brought this spirit of innovation to Yellow Door Bistro as part of the opening team working under Quinn Staple’s leadership and sought out ways to showcase his love of eclectic cuisine with the 3-course and 5-course tasting menus offered daily at Yellow Door. Working with Chef Staple, they would experiment with maximizing the utility of an ingredient with different techniques like charring, pickling, re-hydrating to heighten the flavour profiles. In 2016 Scott was promoted to Events Chef overseeing the group’s extensive on-site and off-site catering division. Chef Scott worked with Executive Chef Quinn Staple on developing restaurant-style offerings in the banquet kitchens and also elevating their reception menus for offsite catering. Chef Redekopp returned to Yellow Door Bistro in the fall of 2018 as Chef de Cuisine.