BC Spot Prawn with Green Yogurt Cold Soup

By Chef Shane Chartrand

BC Wine Pairing; BC Pinot Blanc, White Pinot Noir, Grüner Veltliner

Serves 4


4ea U-10 scallops
16-18ea spot prawns
1oz mint
1oz basil
4 oz chives
2oz Flax oil
8oz Heavy milk
2 oz fresh Dulse
To taste kosher Salt
4 cup canola oil (Frying)
1oz butter


Boil milk to and turn down, cool to room temperature.
Put in a simple jar and wrap in a towel. Keep in an oven that is turned off so it sets perfect for 12 hours, done
Rip apart the Dulse and heat up oil in a pot to 300F, fry the dulse and remove, do not season
Set aside on a towel to soak the oil up
Spot prawns gently and very slowly toss around in a very light heated pan with a bit of butter
Set aside
Chop chives very fine set aside
Mint, keep the small leaves whole, basil chop very fine, set all aside
Sear the scallops in high heat on one side until brown, do not flip and cook only to medium rare, set aside


In small bowls, place the scallop down in the middle, add the yoghurt around the scallop
Sprinkle chives over the yoghurt as well as the mint
Lightly drizzle the flax oil on the yoghurt, season with salt
Set 4 each of the roasted spot prawns on top as well as the dulse to finish

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