Vibes At The Vine: Barry Wilson

3 hrs of live music. Either outside under the big stage or downstairs in the lounge, weather depending.

Hi everyone!I am a regular performer locally, and can be found usually performing solo at various farmers markets, breweries, vineyards, pubs, restaurants, casinos, craft shows or doing a charity fundraiser event. In live performances I try to play a little of everything from rock, folk, country, newer pop, old time, Irish traditional and even blues. I enjoy most styles of music and have a huge repertoire to choose from, so I can tailor what is needed for the time at hand. I am a big proponent of supporting local whenever I can.

Major influences in my music are The Eagles, Tom Petty, America, Pink Floyd and so many others, but these rank near the top for me. The original music I am producing is striving to be along these lines.

I play ukulele, mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards on a midi guitar, bass, drums, harmonica and do all my own vocals. I will have guest appearances on each cd and also live from time to time.

​Many of the lyrics are written for me by a dear friend and published author Brent Antonson . Brent is also an english teacher and keeps me on my toes.

I hope you enjoy the music and any feedback is appreciated. If you need to book entertainment for a party or special event, just call, text or email me on my contact page and I will get right back to you. Leave some info on what you need and any special song requests (I will even write songs specifically for the event) – ​Barry Wilson