5 Ways to Find Balance Plus Still Enjoy Life

Now that the New Year is officially here (kind of scary, not going to lie), it’s all about reflecting on your goals. At least for me, anyway. I find having balance is the key to enjoyable living. If you’re looking for a bit of balance, continue reading for some of my tips.

Cooking & Eating Healthy

Eating healthy may sound like a no-brainer but it’s actually easy to get stuck in a rut with your meals. That’s why this year I want to focus on being more mindful of what I’m putting into my body. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some treats now and then. (Especially a glass of BC wine or two), but it means finding balance. To me, moderation is key. Another thing I try to be mindful of is eating local and in season as much as I can. It’s amazing what you can find right in your own backyard and eating local is so much better for you because you know where the ingredients come from. One of my favourite recipes? This delicious veggie charcuterie board which is local from BC. If I know I have dinner booked at my favourite local resto, I will eat a light lunch so I don’t feel sluggish when going for happy hour. Again, if I want a glass of wine, I will keep my sugar intake low so that I can sip guilt-free.

Moderate Drinking

I do enjoy cocktail hour every now and again, and there’s no reason not to enjoy a glass of BC wine, but I just want to balance it out. If you know you’re having a delicious pasta for dinner, and that BC Pinot Noir sounds like the perfect pairing, then maybe skip cocktails beforehand or opt for a glass of sparkling water the night after. Again, it’s all about moderation and determining how much you want to consume for the week. Also, if I know I have big weekend plans with the girls (or a trip coming up!), I will minimize my weeknight drinking. Locate a creative list of BC wine goals that offer a healthy balance, courtesy of the BC Wine Institute or Wines of British Columbia.


Exercising & Getting Active

A huge goal for me this year is to become more active. I tend to get so unmotivated with the constant rain, especially in the winter months. That’s why I’m looking to try some new local fitness classes and sweat it out. If that doesn’t sound appealing, I connect to a Youtube fitness video on my laptop and work out at home. Not to mention, walking my puppy is a great way to work out, enjoy nature and of course, bond with her. There are a variety of ways to get some exercise and every day doesn’t have to be the same. Just figure out what works for you.

Digital Detox

This may sound like a broken record because everyone is talking about digital detoxes, but its something I want to strive to be more mindful about. Because my job requires me to be plugged in all day, scheduling in a break from technology is truly the only way I know to achieve this. For instance, when I take a bath (something I want to do more of this year too, fewer showers) is when I put my phone away. There’s nothing better than soaking in bubbles, reading a good book and of course, enjoying a delicious glass of BC VQA vino, am I right?

What are your tips for living a balanced life?


  By Krystin Tysirea fashion marketing grad, has a penchant for social media and an eye for spotting trends. As such, she’s been blogging for several years at Krystin Tysire  sharing personal insights on life and style. When not glued to her phone tweeting, ‘gram- ming’ and blogging, she’s usually planning what event to attend next.



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