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Five Reasons Why You Should Pair BC Wine with BC Farmers’ Markets Ingredients

Pairing local wine with dishes that use fresh Farmers’ Markets ingredients from the same region or share similar flavour profiles can enhance the overall experience. Often what grows together tastes best together and here are five reasons to feature a local wine and food pairing at your next dinner party or date night in:

  1. Shared Seasonality: Just like the ingredients used in local dishes, wine grapes are harvested seasonally. Pairing local wine with seasonal dishes ensures that both the wine and the food are enjoyed at their freshest and most flavourful state.
  2. Shared Terroir: Terroir refers to the unique environmental factors of a particular region, including climate, soil type, altitude, and sunlight exposure. This shared terroir can result in complementary flavours between the wine and the dishes made with local ingredients.
  3. Taste Harmony: Local wines are often crafted to complement the regional cuisine, making them a natural pairing for dishes that use locally sourced ingredients from places such as BC Farmers Markets. Winemakers in these regions are well aware of the local culinary flavours and may intentionally grow wines that harmonize with the local dishes.
  4. Supporting Local Farmers: Pairing local wine with dishes made from local ingredients supports the local economy and agricultural communities. It fosters a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between winemakers and food producers.
  5.  Culinary Tradition and History: By pairing local wine with dishes made from ingredients grown in the same region, you can experience the full expression of that heritage and taste the flavours that have evolved together over generations.

Wine pairing is subjective, and personal taste preferences play a significant role. The key is to explore and enjoy the diverse flavours that various regions have to offer, both in wine and food. Try this delicious Roasted Garlic Gnocchi with Madras Cream paired perfectly with an elegant BC Pinot Noir or bright BC Riesling (or both). Let’s raise our glasses to the culinary treasures of our community, appreciating the harmony between local ingredients and wines, and supporting the remarkable farmers who bring these flavours from vine to table.

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