British Columbia is home to a dizzying array of abundant crops, orchards, vineyards, seafood, game farms and renowned chefs whose creations embody their commitment to “farm-to-table”. When these local culinary delights are presented alongside the province’s award-winning BC VQA wines – it’s a Perfect Pairing.

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Organic Beetroot Salad & Lady Jane Cheese Estate

This dish is a perennial favorite for our menu at Mission Hill's Terrace Restaurant. The simplicity of the dish is the key. Clean flavours not complicated ones as the quality of the ingredients speak volumes on their own. You can chose to serve as in… read more

Thai Turkey Spring Rolls

The fresh basil and cilantro in these spring rolls scream out for a fresh, vibrant wine. Look for an ever aromatic BC Ehrenfelser or Gewürztraminer with bright fruit aromas and floral notes which will complement the sweet and tangy Thai dipping sauce… read more

Turkey Pho

Choose and off-dry BC Riesling with crisp citrus flavours, mouthwatering acidity and touch of residual sugar which will complement the spicy chilli, fresh herbs and lime found in this warm, soothing soup. Recipe courtesy of the Turkey Farmers of Cana… read more

Turkey Pot Stickers

Look for a wine with fresh acidity and aromatics to balance the spice found in Asian cuisine. A BC grown Rosé or Riesling would pair perfectly with these turkey dumplings. Recipe courtesy of the Turkey Farmers of Canada. read more