WGBC Structure & Governance

WGBC is governed by a Board of Directors that is reflective of best practices in modern corporate governance through a framework consisting of six elements:

  1. Provide guidance and direction
  2. Establish standards of organizational conduct (policies)
  3. Oversee and monitor organizational performance
  4. Ensure the organization’s financial health and sustainability
  5. Protect the interests of the organization
  6. Ensure knowledge of stakeholder expectations, needs, concerns and interest and build effective relationships

The Board consists of nine elected voting winery members and two non-voting ex officio members who oversee work of the President & CEO (who manages the WGBC staff), and who provide strategic guidance and effective oversight for the organization and industry. The Board ensures that appropriate systems of governance, leadership and stewardship are in place to enable WGBC’s President & CEO to manage and lead the organization effectively.

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WGBC Board of Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors made up of nine voting winery members governs the WGBC. Winery Directors are elected by WGBC winery members at annual general meetings for three-year terms. Three ex officio non-voting members also sit on the Board – an independent grapegrower, a non-industry representative (optional) and the WGBC President.


(2023 – 2024)

ADAM WOODWARD, Privato Winery and Vineyard
CHRIS TURYK, VICE-CHAIR, Unsworth Vineyards
GREG BERTI, Andrew Peller
JOSH STEWART, Arterra Wines Canada
MIKE DOWELL, Liber Farm and Winery
PAUL SAWLER, Dirty Laundry Vineyard
SAMANTHA COLLINS, Mission Hill Family Estate Winery, Mark Anthony Group
SHEILA WHITTAKER, Nostalgia Wines Inc.
President & CEO, Wine Growers BC (ex officio non-voting)


Adam Woodward, Privato Winery and Vineyard

Chris Turyk, Unsworth Vineyards

Christa-Lee McWatters, TIME Family of Wines

Greg Berti, Andrew Peller Limited

Josh Stewart, Arterra Wines Canada

Mike Dowell, Liber Farm and Winery

Paul Sawler, Dirty Laundry Vineyards

Samantha Collins, Mission Hill Family Estate

Sheila Whittaker, Nostalgia Wines Inc.

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Committees of the Board of Directors

Created to assist the Board in getting its work done and include gathering information on issues of concern to the Board, developing recommendations for consideration, and carrying out a project of importance to the Board.

Finance & Risk Management Committee

Per Wine Growers BC  Bylaws, the Finance & Risk Management Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors and the mandate is:

  • to facilitate the timely and accurate reporting of financial information to the WGBC Society Board of Directors and to its members
  • to review financial statements and the Society’s budget
  • to ensure that proper accounting procedures are being followed within the Society
  • to monitor the key risks that may arise from or impact the Society’s strategy


PAUL SAWLER, Dirty Laundry Vineyards (Chair)
Arterra Wines Canada
ADAM WOODWARD, Privato Vineyard & Winery
Unsworth Vineyards

Board Governance Committee

Per Wine Growers BC Bylaws, the Governance Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors and the mandate is:

  • to nominate a slate of proposed Directors to be considered for election at each annual general meeting
  • to attend to succession planning and conduct Board evaluation
  • to ensure that the Society maintains appropriate governance standards


GREG BERTI, Chair, Andrew Peller Ltd. (Chair)
CHARLIE BAESSLER, Corcelettes Winery
PAUL SAWLER, Dirty Laundry Vineyards

Board Advocacy & Membership Committee

Per Wine Growers BC Bylaws, the Advocacy & Membership Committee is a standing board committee and the mandate is:

  • to identify policy priorities, develop strategies for advocating policy changes that benefit the British Columbia grape and wine industry and WGBC Society members
  • to position the WGBC as the industry leader in advocacy to all levels of government


GORDON FITZPATRICK, Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards
TONY HOLLER, Poplar Grove
JAK MEYER, Meyer Vineyards
JOHN SKINNER, Painted Rock Estate
TONY STEWART, Quails’ Gate Winery

Task Groups of the Board

Created to assist the Board in getting its work done. Reporting to the Board, are given specific tasks to accomplish and usually a short time frame within which their work is to be completed.  When the task is complete, the group is disbanded.

Finance & Risk Management Committee Review

To review current Wine Growers BC revenue and fee structure and policies.

Completed Task Groups Include:

  • BTAP Input & Review Task Group: To provide Wine Growers BC and industry overview and input into BTAP priorities, recommendations to government and provide Wine Growers BC board ongoing updates.
  • WGBC Liquor Stores Retail Practices Task Group: To identify specific BC Liquor Stores (BCLS) retail practice priority issues impacting the BC wine industry with recommendation to the WGBC Board of Directors regarding advocacy priorities and strategies.
  • BC Appellation Task Group: To bring forward industry recommendations to propose amendment(s) to the Wines of Marked Quality Regulation.
  • WGBC Funding Structure Review Task Group
  • BC Vineyard Resiliency Task Group

Management Committees & Task Groups

Created as needed to help augment work done by staff, and include invited member wineries to assist and provide input. 

Government Relations Committee (see Board Advocacy and Membership Board Committee)

Marketing & Communications Committee

Per Wine Growers BC Bylaws, the Marketing Committee is a standing management committee and the mandate is:

  • to provide direction to WGBC staff on marketing strategies
  • to facilitate the development of the annual Advocacy, Communications and Marketing Operational Plan


Kevin Curtis, TIME Family of Wines
Graham Nordin
, Iconic Wineries
Stephanie Mosley, Tantalus Vineyards
Robyn Hanson, DBC
Connie Hui, BC Liquor Stores
Joey Krueger, Andrew Peller
Joanna Schlosser, Quails’ Gate Winery
Jennifer Islaub, Arterra Wines Canada
Ashley Demedeiros, Monte Creek Winery

Export Committee

Work in conjunction with Wine Growers BC to advise and approve export programs based on the three-year WGBC Export Strategy. Critically analyze export programs, specific events and tasting opportunities that will allow BC wineries to enter and grow our brand in priority markets around the world. Programs will be designed using the collective knowledge of the committee to identify high level, strategic partnerships, and opportunities in key markets for winery participation.

WGBC Export Committee Members

GRAHAM NORDIN, Iconic Wineries of British Columbia
LAURA KITTMER, Wine Growers British Columbia
JASON SZAMES, Andrew Peller
TONY HOLLER, Poplar Grove
JOHN SKINNER, Painted Rock

Alberta FY’24 Task Group


Joey Krueger, Andrew Peller
Keira Lefranc, Stag’s Hollow Winery & Vineyard
Jan Nelson, Maverick Estate Winery
Andrew Weaver, Touchstone Brands
Leo Gebert, St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery
Rebecca Mikulic, Three Sisters Winery
Paul Jordan, Mondiale Beverage Ltd
Jen Carter, Joie Farm
Kimberley Pylatuk, Hester Creek Winery
Kathy Rawlyk, Pacific Wine & Spirits

BC VQA Wine-in-Grocery Annual Marketing & Merchandising Task Group – Ongoing

As required by the WGBC grocery operating agreement, the mandate is to develop an annual plan specific to the BC VQA Wine-in-Grocery operators and channel