Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Level Two

Level Two is designed for those who have already completed Level One. Level Two explores the BC wine industry in greater depth and incorporates international context and examples to better understand where BC fits in the wine world.

Level Two is broken into two sections:

  1. BC Terroir  ̶   GIs, Sub- GIs and Single Vineyards
  2. BC in the Wine World


Expand upon Level One. Explore greater depth on regions, sub-regions, soils, wine laws that affect the production of BC wine, where BC fits in wine world and how to sell BC wine.


  1. Refresher – key messages from Level One
  2. Past, present and future – growth statistics, focus on quality
  3. Wine laws and organizations – Wines of Marked Quality Regulation
  4. Climate and Growing Degree Day (GDD) by region – more in-depth drawing from international comparisons
  5. GIs and Sub GIs – climate, terroir, varieties, soils, key facts
  6. BC in Wine World ̶  styles vs the world, give context of what makes BC unique, key descriptors for BC by variety and how BC is different from global examples
  7. Innovation and Diversity – varieties on the rise, trends, sustainability, organic, natural techniques

*Check back for registration this fall!