Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Level One

This course is an introduction to the Wines of British Columbia. It is suitable for all levels of wine knowledge and a great introduction to BC wine for those with little to no wine background at all. The course covers the basics to understand BC wine such as the grapegrowing conditions in BC, the history, BC’s main wine regions and main grape varietals and wine styles.

Registration is now open to all levels of trade and media currently working in the wine industry.


Learn what is unique and special about BC wine, the styles of wine and the various flavour profiles that make up BC wine. Understand the climate, history and value of BC wine.


  1. Climate – key elements, latitude, rain shadow, lakes, ocean, interior vs coast
  2. Location, acreage and production – small but quality
  3. Main wine regions – GIs, the key varieties, key climatic influences
  4. Varieties and styles
  5. History
  6. Ageability of BC wines
  7. Sustainability and innovation
  8. BC wine and food pairing
  9. Value of BC wine

All spring 2021 sessions are virtual programs utilizing the Zoom online platform.

Sessions are limited to 20 attendees to provide an interactive learning environment.

As a certified program, attendees are required to have their camera on throughout the session.