From stylish Chardonnays to sassy Gewürztraminers, there is a BC white to satisfy even the most discerning palette.


There is nothing quite like a big, bold BC red or the sweet kiss of a pretty pinot noir to truly soothe the soul. Taste the sun, earth and water in our character reds.


With a finish that’s playful and refreshing, BC’s award winning Late Harvest and Icewine, Sparkling and Rosé wines are sure to light up any occasion.


Behind every bottle of BC wine is a place and a face; the Wines of British Columbia reflect the stories of the land where the grapes are grown and of the people who craft them. The variety of soils, slope of the vineyard, weather and proximity to water (be it lakes, rivers or ocean) contributes to the unique variety of BC wines. Spectacular summers followed by warm autumn days and brisk nights allow grapes to ripen slowly, developing balanced fruit with complex, exceptional flavours.

One of the joys of being a relatively young wine region is that we are unencumbered by tradition. With a vast variety of climates and soils throughout the province, growers are able to select the sites that are optimal for each varietal. Our grape-growers and winemakers are skilled craftsmen and craftswomen with a deep respect for the land. They farm sustainably to ensure fruitful harvests for years to come. They recognize that place matters and truly believe our distinctive geology, topography and micro-climates produce award-winning, distinctive wines. BC’s thriving wine industry attracts winemakers from all across the globe including Germany, France, New Zealand and Australia. Each of these talented individuals have brought something unique to our community and helped to shape a style that is uniquely from British Columbia. 

The Wines of British Columbia are truly making history. With every new accolade and achievement, our wine regions further solidify their place amongst the best in the world. In 2011, BC wineries won over 2,000 medals in national and international competition – our most ever!